About Color Me Happy Entertainment

Hi and welcome! My name is Collette Franco, owner of Color Me Happy Face & Body Art Entertainment, located in Brooklyn, NY. I've been a Brooklynite since forever (from birth!) and always loved art, color, fashion, and anything sparkly and shiny! Born of Caribbean descent, the music, the culture, the vibe of Carnival or 'Mas', with its magnificient and elaborate costumes of gems, feathers, sparkle, and shine, is a constant inspiration in my work. Trinidad, where my family hails from, is known as the 'mother of all Caribbean carnivals', where everything is big, bold, and a fete to remember!


I, along with my team of artists, believe in bringing the magic, the talent, and the expertise in creating next-level service for your celebration or event. Just like Carnival, the bigger the fete, the bigger the excitement, the joy. When our clients are looking to make their event colorful, fun, and a fete to remember, we give them extraordinary.


Whether its a corporate event, family celebration, or birthday party gathering, our only promise in creating illustrious events that bring the joy, laughter, and IG worthy moments, is to "Make your next party Colorful!" 

Collette Franco, Face Painter and Owner

Collette Franco, Founder

Color Me Happy Face Body Art Entertainment

Brooklyn, NY and NYC | colormehappyfacebodyart@gmail.com | Text us! 347.232.7077