Looking to have that special magic and joy for your party?
Our party specialists can help you find the complete party experience for your event, big or small, from Brooklyn, NY and NYC to Long Island!

Kids of all ages love face painting and it shows! We provide fun, amazing and unique face painting designs, transforming them into anything they imagine. Each artist is great with children and adults alike, giving a magical experience to remember!

We also use jewel bling, cosmetic grade chunky glitter, theme cabochons, and more, with all of our products being Vegan, hypo-allergenic, and FDA approved safe for all. 

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Balloon Twisting

From the most simple of designs to complex whimsical creations, balloon twisting is super fun for any party! Each artist is amazing and engaging while twisting loads of fun and unique balloon art!

We use the finest of Qualatex and Bellatex balloons, ensuring that everyone has a fun and safe time. 


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Face painting and body art is also loved by adults too! Costume parties, Purim, Mardi Gras, Fourth of July, company events, school festivals, sporting gatherings, and more, we offer unique face fantasy designs that will be a show stopper every time! 

We use jewel bling, cosmetic chunky glitter, cabochons, SFX makeup, and more, with our products Vegan, hypo-allergenic, and FDA approved. 

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Body Artistry

Looking to turn your creative vision or idea into reality for a special project or cosplay? We offer partial or full body painted designs for private appointments, company promotions, photo shoots, Halloween appointments and more!

Depending on complexity and partial or full body, each design can take up to 4 hrs. With each service, a pro photographer can be added for an additional cost to capture the memories for a lifetime!

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Maternity Belly Adornment

Sharing the special arrival of your baby with the love of art is one of the most beloved family packages growing in popularity! We offer maternity belly art private session packages, for professional photos, gifts and keepsakes, gender reveals, and more! We can paint whatever your vision.


Depending on complexity, each design can take from 15 min to 2 hrs. A pro photographer can be included at an additional cost to capture your special moments, all in the comfort of your home, studio, or anywhere you choose! It's a great addition to celebrate your bundle of joy with your family and can be given as a gift!

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UV Glow Rave Parties

Glitter Bling Body Bar 

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